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Take Martial Arts Classes & Fitness Kickboxing Classes LIVE, and Online with Super Kicks Karate! Whether it’s just one child, or your entire house practicing and learning together, everyone will LOVE our classes and training format!


Mommy/Daddy & Me Classes, Family Karate Classes, Kickboxing Classes

When you enroll in Super Kicks Karate’s Online Martial Arts Program, Check Out What You Get:

LIVE, Martial Arts Classes Every Week!

We have multiple live class options for you to choose from, so do as many as you want! When you tell us you’re present, we call out to you during the video! We have worked hard at recreating the same intensity and energy in our normal classes, and infusing them into our online LIVE classes!

On-Demand Classes!

Can’t make the LIVE class times that week? No problem! We record them and make both lessons available to you on-demand! That way, you can take class whenever you want and as many times as you want! PLUS, you can always go back and train that class weeks or even months later for a review, or just a great workout!

Curriculum Video Library of all Required Techniques!

There are specific techniques that are required for each belt level at Super Kicks Karate. You can download the manual, and we also have video curriculum for every technique! Need to practice one specific move? Check out that video. Need to practice a specific kata for testing? We gotcha covered! Want to review the testing procedure? There’s a video for that, too!

Video Feedback from Instructors!

Taking our classes LIVE and on-demand is going to be a HUGE part of your training and belt progression. However, you still have to test and pass. We don’t give out rank just for showing up. So, when it’s time for you to start testing, you will be given the opportunity to VIDEO yourself, send it to us, and we will grade it! The best part: you get our feedback via video, of us watching and grading the video you just sent! 

LIVE, Black Belt Seminars!

We are really excited that you are going to start your martial arts training with Super Kicks Karate, and you’re going to absolutely LOVE the curriculum! However, we know for a fact that the coolest, and most fun stuff we teach comes after you earn your black belt. Soooo, WHY WAIT?! Every Saturday afternoon at 3:30 pm EST, we teach a live seminar on our black belt training material, and you get to participate! AND, we record them so you can watch them and train on-demand later, at any time! Kali, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Krav Maga, weapons… it’s fuuuun stuff!

Black Belt Buddy

It’s really important to us that you are connected to our Super Kicks Karate family and community. So the moment that you enroll, you’ll be assigned a Black Belt Buddy who will reach out to you, welcome you, and hold your hand through the onboarding process. They have one major goal: to serve your family and help you get the MOST out of your martial arts training!

We have chosen some of our students that have been with us for years now, that have personally benefited from our program. Now, they still train with us, AND they want to give back and make sure other families get the benefit of Super Kicks Karate.

Members-Only Facebook Page!

We currently have over 900 active members on our private Facebook page, and as soon as you join, you get access too! Our families support each other, post videos and pictures, share motivational messages, and talk martial arts together. It’s a really fun community, we love each other, and now we’re waiting for YOU to join us!

BONUS: Fitness Kickboxing!

Parents, don’t want to practice karate with your kids? You’ll be jumping in their class sooner than you know, it’s a lot of fun! But just to make you aware, we have LIVE Kickboxing classes! Train with us like a fighter, and get in amazing shape! We teach our classes like you’re a martial artist, getting ready for the ring. You’ll love it!

BONUS: Little Leaders!

Do you have kids ages 2-4 years, and want them to try martial arts?! Then we have a class for you! This is an assisted class, where you are taking it with your child, and help them jump, kick, block, and move their bodies! This is our most fun class… for us ❤️

We've designed an online training program of world-class Black Belt curriculum. This is the path for earning your black belt right from home!

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Frequently Asked Questions

As a beginning martial arts student, our curriculum is laid out so that you should be able to learn and move to your next belt level within 8 weeks. Usually by week 6, three weeks before a belt graduation event, we will ask you to start testing. There are videos that teach you the testing procedure you will follow, you will send in your videos to be graded, and one of our instructors will give you personalized video feedback. If you don’t pass, you will be given instructions on what needs to be improved and asked to resubmit a video test. If you do pass, CONGRATULATIONS! You will be recognized and promoted to your next belt.

In our physical martial arts locations, we hold our belt ceremonies every 8 weeks, and we structure the online classes to be on the same cycle. If you are able to learn the curriculum and pass your tests, you should be able to graduate in two months. 

The rank doesn’t transfer, but your skills do! You will probably be able to learn more quickly, and will look amazing in testing!

You get ACTUAL feedback in two different ways! Every day, we have a LIVE feedback and Q&A session with instructors, where you can ask questions, get help, and get feedback on how you’re doing. If you are shy and don’t want to be on for everyone to see, we understand, and sometimes, just by watching others learn, it can help you learn. The second way you get feedback is explained above with testing. Regardless if you pass or fail, the instructor grading you will give you pointers to work on. We want you and your entire family to get good.

We offer two live classes, every Monday, and then post both of those classes on demand, so if you miss the live, you can still take multiple throughout the week. Most students take 2-3 per week. Our recommendation: the first 14 days, take as many as you can! Learn, train, have fun, figure this membership out, join our community and be active! You’re going to love it! Then, settle back down to 2-3 per week. 

The tuition includes everyone in the household!

Absolutely! However, we do ask that they not be added to the family membership for testing. Black belt honor… sound fair?

They are FREEEE!! Parents, if you don’t want to train martial arts with your kids (you’re going to love it, so just do it), join the membership for the simple fact that you can take our live and on-demand Kickboxing classes!

VALUE: there aren’t many schools that teach the way we teach. And give and serve the way we do. You will learn so much and have such a wealth of videos and content to keep you busy, you will quickly realize you are getting an amazing product, for a fraction of its worth. PRICE: If you enroll your entire family in the type of membership that we are offering at a brick and mortar location, you would pay more than $300-$400/month. With us, you pay a fraction. CONVENIENCE: Enrolling at a local school, their schedule may or may not jive with yours. Our classes are live and on demand, so take as many as you want, whenever you want. Also, no traffic to deal with, bringing your kids to and from the karate school. NO ONE WATCHING: You can train at home and not be concerned with what others think. It’s just you and Super Kicks...and we can’t really see you ;) 

Normally there are. Every martial arts school has fees for rank and certification that range anywhere between $40-$100 per rank. However, for the time being, we are waiving those and offering our classes PLUS rank certifications, for one small monthly fee.

We've designed an online training program of world-class Black Belt curriculum. This is the path for earning your black belt right from home!


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