Happy Tuesday!

 We are on the fourth week of the rotation! Testing will be starting soon! Start looking at what you will be testing on this cycle so you're ready. Beginners, we are on Rotation 4. Advanced, we are on Rotation 5. Black belts, we are on Rotation 13.

ATTENTION IN PERSON STUDENTS: We are still using the same booking link as usual. Unfortunately, it does not allow you to cancel your bookings and then the class appears full when it is not. You can cancel a class at any time but please text us at our main line: 571-293-2467 so we can remove your booking for that class and open space for another student. The site we will transition to soon will allow you to cancel your own bookings! Until then, just text us!

Beginners: In the basic part of class, we will be training on grab techniques. Parents, be ready to help in class with grabs and possibly holding pads! Leadership and Online Students, bring your nunchucks, boards, and hand pads to every class. We will be mostly training on the grab technique in class but we always try to practice with one piece of your equipment.

Advanced: It is boards, weapons, and review week! Parents, we will need you in class to be able to hold a board and possibly grabs! Plan on sticking around for the whole class this week. Continue to bring your pads, boards, and nunchucks to every class this cycle because we always try to work with some part of your equipment. 

Black Belt Prep: Week four is our weapons week. Bring all six weapons with you to class that way you can train! We are about half way through the cycle. If you are planning on graduating to your black belt this cycle, we need to finish your testing now and don't forget all your achievement patches, weapons patches, and other patches need to be completed and on your uniform!

Black Belts: We are going to be reviewing the curriculum of the cycle. Start bringing your nunchucks, boards, hand pads, and your practice gun to every class for the rest of the cycle. 

Online Zoom Link: You can always find the most recent zoom link on our members site here: https://my.superkickskarate.com/products/live-classes-here/categories/2554249/posts/8706485

 Our next Master's Club Seminar will be Saturday, May 22nd. We will be learning Chase 2, a double nunchuck kata. For leadership students, to attend is only $39, some of you already have an express. If you do, it's free for you. These seminars are a lot of fun, you get to train on black belt curriculum early and learn some really cool katas that you normally wouldn't until after you've earned your black belt. 

We'll see you all in class soon,

Team Super Kicks


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