Happy Tuesday everyone!


First of all, congratulations to everyone that graduated to their new belt on Saturday! This week marks the start of a new cycle. A new rotation of curriculum for everyone and a lot of fun stuff is ahead. Here is what we are doing this week:

Beginners: We are now on Rotation 4. This week we will be training a hook kick. Leadership and Online students, we have a new weapon for the cycle. You'll need your nunchucks this rotation. Make sure to talk to an instructor to get those. You'll also need hand pads and a board. Our board break this cycle is a side hammer fist. Every class bring your nunchucks, hand pads, and board. We most likely will start training with those in a week or two just make sure everyone has had a chance to get everything. But bring it anyway every class just to be prepared.

Advanced: We are starting Rotation 5. This week is basics week, we'll be training all the basics that are inside of universal 8. Same as beginners, the weapon of the cycle is the nunchuck. Start bringing your nunchucks, feet pads, and board to every class so that you are prepared with your equipment.

Black Belt Prep: This week is universals week, you won't need any equipment just come ready to train. Do be aware, on the schedule some of your classes are in Suite 192 of the shopping center which is down by Subway, not the normal suite in the shopping center. 

Black Belts: Bring your nunchucks to every class this cycle. This week we will be working on Chase 1, a single nunchuck kata. We will have your curriculum videos uploaded this week by Friday.


This week also starts our new schedule. The booking site has been updated to have the new times. So make sure you get registered for class. I'll also attach it to this email so you have it, make sure you come to class at the correct times.


Our next Master's Club seminar is going to be this Saturday. Our next few seminars are going to be all things nunchucks. We'll be training Chase 1 this time. Chase 2 next month, and Chase 3 in the following one. This Saturday, April 24th, at 2:30pm, be at the school with your nunchucks and ready to learn a fun kata. The seminar is only $39 for leadership students or free if you have an express pass. Sign up on the booking site now to reserve your spot.


I hope you all are ready to have a great week, we'll see you in class soon,

Team Super Kicks


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